When Do People Start Planning Their Christmas Parties?

When do people start planning their Christmas holiday parties? It seems like many are planning them all year long. According to Google’s Keyword tool the monthly global search volume for “Christmas party” is 1,000,000, the search volume for “Christmas party” for March was 201,000. Are they going to find your Christmas page when they’re searching? Or are you waiting for the busy Christmas season to get here before you start making Christmas party planning, and holiday decorating pages?

If you’re waiting you’re missing out on a ton of traffic, and possible sales. Here are some more Christmas party search terms and their monthly global search volume:

Christmas party games~ March~ 8,100, average monthly searches~ 90,500

Office Christmas party~ March~ 8,100, average monthly searches~  27,100

Christmas Party Invitation~ March~ 4,400, average monthly searches~ 22,200

Christmas party food~ March 1,300~ average monthly searches~ 9,900

Christmas weddings~ Marc h 2,900~ average monthly searches~ 9,900

Drill these topics down, and you’d still have some worthwhile monthly traffic.

As you can imagine, by the end of summer these monthly averages will be on the rise. Most companies that are planning corporate or office Christmas parties are already searching for menu ideas, venues, invitations, and more.

Even hostesses who plan an annual Christmas party for friends are probably already starting to plan some of their decorating strategies, and menu ideas.

You can bet if someone’s planning a Christmas wedding they’re already midway through their planning process.

Will they find your page, information, and products when they’re searching, or will someone else provide them with what they need? Start making your Christmas pages today at The Big Red Bow, so you’ll be ready for all those Christmas party planners.

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