Does Your Christmas Tree Have a Theme?

Does your Christmas tree have a theme? Or do you just add your favorite ornaments every year? Our tree is a collection of handmade ornaments and ornaments we’ve picked up through the years when we were on vacation. We also have several ornaments that have been handed down through the generations, some are definitely antiques.

If you have a special theme for your Christmas tree, or if you just have a tree that’s special to your family for one reason or another, why not share it at The Big Red Bow?

Here are a few of my favorite theme decorating ideas so far:

What’s your favorite Christmas tree ornaments or theme? Do you have a soft spot for dog ornaments, or the retro look? Make a page for the Big Red Bow and share your own, then stop back and share the link in the comment section!

I’m working on some butterfly theme Christmas tree ideas, I’ll be back to share later!

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