Do You Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments and Decorations?

Do you like to make handmade Christmas ornaments and decorations? If you do why not make a page about it for The Big Red Bow? Now is a great time to get started if your going to create some hand crafted Christmas decorations for yourself or for your friends and family. Don’t wait until the Christmas season is here, then you’ll be too busy with all the holiday hustle and bustle.

I made a page on Decorating With Pine Cones last November. Most of the lens talks about some of the handmade pine cone decorations I’ve done. It also points to some crafting supplies, and premade pine cone decorations for sale.  That page made me $22.49 in the few months it’s been up, it made $15.62 during December alone. I can’t wait to see how it does this holiday season, now that it’s established and even getting traffic in April.

If you have some favorite handmade holiday decorations, why not show them off by making a page for the Big Red Bow? You might just make a little extra cash for your pocket if you do!

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